Frequently Asked Questions

What are the membership levels, and how do they work?

- There are three membership levels:

     • Platinum, unlimited listings, $50 per year

     • Gold, 20 active listings, $20 per year

     • Silver, 5 active listings, free for 90 days (can be renewed unlimited times)

For the silver and gold accounts, there is a limit to the number of active listings that you can post at one time. However, you can always delete old listings and post new ones. The silver membership expires every 90 days, but you can renew it over and over again if you do not wish to pay a fee. 


How do I contact a member through their listing?

There is a blue box that says "Contact Advertiser" when you are viewing a listing. Click on that, and it will ask for your email, name, subject, and message. It is also optional for a member to post their phone number on a listing if they choose to. We have also made it possible for members to add their Facebook URL (home page), so other members can send them private messages through Facebook. Lastly, we have enabled a Facebook plugin for members to comment on listings using their Facebook accounts, if they so choose. 


Why haven't I gotten any emails from my posts?

CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! Oftentimes, emails from our members will go there first. Also, keep in mind that if you register using a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, etc), the email address on file will be the one associated with that social media account! You can change this setting by clicking on the Edit Your Profile link at the top of the page once you sign in.


What if I forgot my username or password?

Click on the login button on the top of the home screen, and under the login box, you will see two links to either recover your username, or to reset your password.


What if I wish to upgrade my account before my membership expires?

Please contact us at our email (found in the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page), or create a new account with the new membership level desired. Unfortunately, our software does not enable us to allow users to upgrade until their membership has expired. Hopefully we will be able to add this feature soon.


Can I get a refund or a partial refund for a paid membership?

All sales are final. If you have a complaint about the services you've received, feel free to send us an email at our Contact Us page. 


What happens if I have a bad trade or deal?

For starters, we suggest that everyone use Goods and Services when sending money through PayPal. It's far too easy for scammers to take advantage when money is sent using Friends and Family. We are not responsible for bad deals or trades, so please do your due diligence when working on a deal. If you have been scammed, we suggest contacting your local law enforcement.